Live Your Life To The Fullest

Focus on you, satisfy your needs and leave all the nasty thoughts out of your life.



July 19, 2020


Have you ever wondered why human relationships are in crisis in the modern world? When was the last time you felt really nice with people you met for a first time?

The last decade we all came across some very bad and soul-destroying experiences that finally managed to change the way we think and the way we act. 

The healthy attitude vanished and we rushed to selfishness, trying to satisfy our needs ignoring the feelings of others.

We forgot to behave properly and, while for some people that was convenient, for the structure of our society it was a huge disaster.

We forgot sympathy, we don’t like being humble anymore.

Can you remember how do you usually introduce yourself to others? Most of us highlight our most important achievements thus showing off our strong personality, when we know that at some point we exaggerate.

Trying to seem superior to others is in the human nature while selfishness commands the rules of our modern living. But what would happen if each one of us was acting the same way? We would not survive and our world would end. If only we could at least try to be honest with ourselves and then with all the others.

Being humble and realistic can help our society evolve in a healthy way and become a better place to live. Harmony would take over and our world would be much better, and much happier than it is now.

We don’t really need to impose our ego and compare ourselves with other people. We should let sympathy and love take over because these are the elements of our existence. We are made of pure feelings and during our lifetime we decide which path we will follow while growing up.

Listen, love, follow and respect every single person because, in the end, we get what we deserve. Life is unpredictable and we can never be sure about the next day.

Make dreams, but get to know yourself as well before you start making plans. Be stable and don’t rush to do everything at once.

Stay humble and realistic and keep walking that way, I do believe it’s the best path for our prosperity.


July 5, 2020


No, don’t make the same mistake again. Don’t look back. Focus on yourself and start moving on. The past can’t be changed so don’t spend your time thinking about what you could have done to make things work better for you and your current condition.

One of the most difficult challenges we have to meet in our lives is getting over things and situations that were soul-destroying and extremely tough.

At this point, we realize that we should always be careful when we take decisions that could define our future and our living forever.

Sometimes we have to live with the consequences of our actions and this is not always bad.

No matter how difficult things might be, it’s not the end of the world. I do believe that even when we feel suffocated while pressure keeps coming closer to our lives, we can still learn from our experiences and become better human beings.

Please don’t forget that life will start treating us well again, so be patient and never give up.

For most of us chances are not always willing to come our way when we need them, but we cannot wait for them for too long. We have to act and be ready to make the right decisions without losing our time.

If they will come our way we have to go for them and not let insecurities take over because chances won’t be there forever. We shouldn’t hesitate nor do we have to fear the way things will turn out. We should chase our dreams hoping that we can make them happen.

Meet people, go out and connect with those who make you feel they would probably be on your side through the good and the bad times.

Trust your instincts and grab any chance you ran into. 

In the end, we all get what we deserve.


June 21, 2020


Can you remember when was the last time you had fun and really had a good time with friends or by yourself?

Spending some time doing whatever we want even for just a couple of days or a weekend every month can be very helpful. We become more confident, more creative and we are more than willing to communicate with other people. Coming across tranquility as often as possible can provide us a better living.

When we have the chance to get away from the routine of the stressful working days, we should go for it and shouldn’t hesitate at all. Just don’t think about it for too long.

We are all going through a difficult situation since the Coronavirus and the financial crisis that followed the pandemic, but I do believe that there are still many ways to get away and let our thoughts rest while saving energy for the next challenge that will come up. Life is short and we should live it to the fullest.

Sometimes being somewhere in the county or in a place by the sea and feeling lost could be the best medicine for our body and soul. It does not have to be in Switzerland or in Hawaii, a small village and a clean room in a motel I think it is just fine.

When searching for tranquility bear in mind that it takes time and only when we finally make it we realize that it was the best we could have ever done.

When our minds stay still we have better judgment and we have better control over our feelings. We seem to be more understanding thus making our lives easier and our relationships work in a way that helps us feel better.

Harmony comes our way and we become more optimistic. We start feeling happy and we start trying to get to know firstly ourselves and then everyone that is in our lives. Slowly and steadily we take control and we make the rules of our living deciding who we really want in our world.

So don’t waste your time! If you can leave everything behind for a weekend, book a date with yourself to run into tranquility. I guarantee you will have fun and you won’t regret it.

And don’t forget to love yourself.


June 7, 2020


Have you ever wondered what is the first word that comes to mind when we talk about success and successful life?

Unfortunately, the first word is money and the second is glory. Yes, okay, I understand that, but is this what it really matters?

My personal opinion is that success has nothing to do with money and power. Success has to do with being able to do what you want without considering what others might think of you and your actions.

Success has to do with the life you are living and always dreamed of regardless of the difficulties you are facing.

When I think about the past and the lives of our ancestors who were not wealthy or powerful people, I realize that we have misunderstood the value of having a happy and successful life.

Sometimes we have to spend time and learn from the past. What did people use to do and obviously made better than us and they were able to find success in a more easy way than ever before?

I do believe that the answer has to do with the fact that they loved simple things. They were not willing to spend their lives trying to obtain the luxury they could not have and really deserved. They were focused on making a family and having a work that would help them have a good life while living carefree moments with their family members and being close to their religions. I guess they had healthy and realistic aspirations.

As far as our modern life and the present are concerned, I think we should just follow the footsteps of our ancestors. I do believe that we should pay attention to the simplest and most important facts to get closer to the successful life we desire.

Small details make the difference and help us feel special. Success has to do with finding the balance in our lives. And the best of all is that we can decide where we want to succeed and be special.

Discovering ourselves and doing what we really want is the key to success. Nowadays we have the chance to expand our horizons with so many people and so many ways that the only thing we have to go through is thinking where we can thrive and inspire others.

Like it or not, we are entirely responsible for being successful, it all depends on the directions and the decisions we make.

And never forget that you should love and be kind to yourself because no one will do it for you.


May 24, 2020


Live your life to the fullest and never have regrets. Never change who and what you are for the others and you will come across happiness, and the life you really want.

Being yourself I think it is the best someone can do to be happy. Expressing our honest thoughts and our inner feelings is not a shame nor should we feel guilty to reveal whatever our souls desire.

Being real is what makes us mature. I always liked the phrase “what you get is what you see”.

Sometimes I think about the last generations and I really feel sorry about a huge percentage of people who were not able to do what they wanted, and especially women.

Have you ever wondered how many women suffered from depression when they had been hostages of the cruel decisions of their families (?), and how many women were forced to get married when they were not willing to spend their lives with men they did not like…

Every day that passes by is a loss and will never come back. Don’t waste your time anymore. A few suggestions might be helpful.

Focus on yourself,

Satisfy all your needs,

Leave the nasty facts behind,

Avoid toxic and negative people,

Spend your time wisely,

Make plans, dreams and never lose hope.

It’s not easy to find happiness, but surely deserves the time and the effort. Last but not least, I’d like to remind you a phrase that you already know, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” 

So never stop looking for the best for you.


May 10, 2020


Bad days will never stop coming your way. Bad people will not stop being aggressive so don’t waste your time. Kill them with a smile.

Being rude, aggressive and humiliating people is something I will never understand. Every time I hear people talking about bullying I can’t stop wondering the reasons they have to go through this freaking experience.

Being a bully does not make you stronger or tougher than others. It shows that you are a weak and insecure person that is not able to do what others can do better than you.

Humiliating people while trying to impose your will, your thoughts and your opinions believing it’s the best way to show off the strength of your personality is just silly.

When someone acts this way it means that he/she failed to communicate with others. It means that this person lost the chance to make them feel nice having another person in their social life.

Sometimes, being different, original, and productive, and so many other characteristics make people feel weird, but this is their problem and not yours. They should deal with that and fix it.

I do believe that you should stay focused on the fact that you are unique and no one has the right and the ability to destroy your life and your dreams.

When and if you have to go through an absurd situation like bullying and I really hope you won’t, try to avoid these people. Ignore whatever they say about you and move on with your life.

If the problem persists, then talk to your family and your friends. There’s no doubt they will do anything to help you out. Remember that you have no problem; the bullies have to spend a lot of time to figure out how to get the life they want. And you are not their family so don’t deal with them because you might find yourself into bigger and more difficult troubles.

If things are very bad, don’t hesitate to call the police, and never feel guilty when they will have to pay the consequences of their own actions.

Never stop making plans for your future and never stop doing your own things. Remember that is very important to be yourself. Don’t try to change who you are just because you want to be likeable.

And never forget that you are beautiful.