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Stories about the other side of Romance & Love

#1 House Cleaning

It’s Sunday morning, it’s a beautiful day and you have great plans. You are ready to enjoy your breakfast and drink your coffee when you hear her sweet voice.

“I need some help to clean up the house.”

Yes, you heard right. Wait a minute, stay calm, breathe and just shake your head yes if you cannot whisper this little word. You have two options.

Option 1

Do not, I repeat, do not think about saying no or that you have something else to do because you’re playing with fire right now that could burn you and make you disappear in just a few seconds.

Truth is that women have a lot to do, and they actually need help to handle everything -including the house keeping- and the rest we all know.

If you decide to say no or try to find another excuse, be ready for a big fight. You will probably hate Jennifer Lopez because she will not stop singing Ain’t your Mama while she will not stop threatening you with her big eyes that somehow look different, they have changed and you feel like talking to a demon.

Just take a deep breath, stay positive and help the person that you love so much. We are a team with our partners, and we can do everything together. Afterwards, you can have fun and enjoy yourselves in or out.

Communication and understanding is the key. By helping your partner clean the house you will not be less man nor will make you feel less proud or less confident. On the contrary, your girl will respect you and love you more than ever before. 

Or hire you as a butler…

At the end of the day, she will ask you to hug her and she will whisper that she loves you. And that is the reason why you can’t live without her.

Option 2

You decided to ignore her and you refused to give her a hand. Wow, I admire people who love risk taking.

Now run as soon as possible and do not look back.

Run as fast as you can and think where you are going to spend the rest of the day, and where you are going to sleep tonight.

 And… good luck!

#2 Cooking Together

I‘ve heard many times that cooking together builds stronger relationships and makes the couple feel better. It’s romantic and it’s a great chance to spend time together preparing something wonderful (your meal), and you will enjoy the whole process. What I’ve learned so far is that there are two options.

Option one

Soon, you will discover that your girlfriend does not eat what you eat (you probably eat everything), so you will have to say yes to whatever she suggests, otherwise you could both spend many hours in the kitchen cooking a lot of food because she wants to have a good time and taste whatever you like and want.

If you decide to suggest something that she doesn’t really like, she will tell you that at the time you will be ready to enjoy your first bite, and you’ll have no mood for anything, even eating your favorite meal.

Option two

You can let her decide and, even if you do not like her recommendations or you are a bit anxious about the result, (no need to mention that you will eat it unless you are allergic, and no reason to question about that!) you will thank her for the wonderful idea.

I believe going with the second option is the best choice because you’ll both be happy and you’ll know that the second time you will do better and better…

And, of course, if the food is awful, you will suggest ordering pizza or burgers and she will have no problem at all!

All that matters is that you spent time cooking together and that is awesome! 

3# ShoppingClothesTogether

Think twice. Are you sure you want to do this? Personally, I think shopping is boring, but there are times where you just can’t click on something that you like and wait for your order.

Going to the mall to buy new clothes.

As you might be able to guess, there are two options.

Option one

You will just follow her steps and you will not say a word. Don’t be silly, she has already found the best outfit and you’re going to buy it like it or not.

The moment she shows you your next investment you have nothing to say. Your answer is no and you start arguing in public. She will leave you alone and then you will realize that you just ruined a carefree day which was supposed to be a fun day. She will never deal with your style anymore, and believe me, there will be a day that you will need her advice and she will ignore you. Don’t forget that she cares about you.

Reminder: Sometimes women can’t understand us, like we can’t understand them, too (many more times).

Option two

You just saw a new jacket. It’s nice, you like the color, you like the price and you are ready to pay and go back home. But, before that, you will put it on, you will stand in front of the large mirror and you will act like a model. You will spend a lot of minutes discussing the color and you will think every possible combination. Is that what you really want to buy? Do you feel handsome? Say yes and you are done. In truth, she wants you to be beautiful and attractive because she loves you. And you will have fun for the rest of your day.

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