Live Your Life To The Fullest

Focus on you, satisfy your needs and leave all the nasty thoughts out of your life.




One problem, two possibilities that none is acceptable, but we have to make a choice. We would prefer to get away from this freaking experience but we can’t. What could we do to help ourselves and the people we want to protect?

It’s definitely one of the worst experiences we will have to encounter for at least one time during our lifetime, and there is no doubt that we will not have anyone to help us out because we will be responsible for the consequences of our actions and decisions.

The first question that rises in this complicated situation is predictable. “Why do I have to go through this and make a decision that will affect my life and the lives of others?”

As much as you try, there will be no answer and you will feel trapped in your mind’s doubts. So, in my opinion, take it easy and don’t rush to speak up or announce anything unless you are sure about the best possible solution. Take it slow and deal with it. Take your time without thinking that you want to get rid of everything nasty as fast as you can.

There is no way to satisfy everyone and you will realize that, soon, you will run into both allies and enemies, and that’s because you will hurt someone’s pride and self confidence. No, it’s not going to be easy. You will have to pull your head back together and reconsider your behavior concerning your relationship with your people.

Try to be clear, honest with yourself and always objective. Open your mind and try to see what will change in the future and how your decision will affect those you respect and love (especially when the feelings are mutual).

Now it’s the time to listen to your heart and hear again your inner voice. Trust your instincts and do not be afraid to meet the truth. It will be hard to find the best solution, but it will reflect your personality and will always follow you through your entire journey in this world.

Your decision will be the personification of yourself so make it count for your own good.

In future you will be able to overcome, but you will never get past the doubts and guilt if you are not completely fair and faithful to your beliefs and self respect.

It’s your life and you decide for your living. Be careful and be honest because there is not a second life in this world for no one of us.

Don’t forget that, in the end, all that matters is integrity and morality.

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