Live Your Life To The Fullest

Focus on you, satisfy your needs and leave all the nasty thoughts out of your life.



Unfortunately, they are among us, and when I say “us” I mean all of the nice people who are kind with everyone and almost never cause problems or annoy other people.

Bullying remains a big problem for people of all ages, and as it seems, we will never get rid of it. And the question is still the same, why do people bully?

It’s not just in schools where usually boys target smaller kids from poor families or sensitive kids who have none to support them. Sadly, it’s happening in the adult word as well, and that is tragic.

Kind people, educated persons, admirable personalities with manners and a friendly profile ready to help everyone who is need of anything experience this traumatic situation.

And I am still wondering, why do we let this keep taking place in our lives?

Shouldn’t the adults find the best possible way to deal with it without showing their own kids their weakness to deal with this problem?

It’s not that difficult to set the boundaries and face everyone who violates your rules and desires to disrespect your values.

Speak up, defend yourself and don’t be afraid of anyone. You should only be afraid of God.

No one has the right and the power to humiliate you and make you feel awful.

You are strong enough to get this over.

You deserve only the best.

You are awesome.

Don’t let anyone ruin your mood.




Seven Questions to ask yourself while setting goals for the New Year

A new beginning, a new chapter and hundreds of new challenges. Now it’s the time to set your goals for your personal growth and prosperity. Before moving on taking chances, making decisions and risk taking just take your time and answer a few questions concerning none but yourself.

1)      Are you happy living the life you live right now?  

2)      Do you really enjoy spending your time with the people you have in your life?

3)      Do you like your daily routine?

4)      Have you managed to forget the mistakes of the past and let it go?

5)      Are you realistic?

6)      Are you pessimist?

7)      Do you like changes?


These are the questions that help me set my goals from the beginning of the new year, and I just wanted to share it with all of you.


I really hope we all come across a healthy, happy new year and much more love, kindness and respect.And financial stability. 



Can you remember the last time you really enjoyed yourself and did whatever you liked without feeling stressed and worried?

It’s very important to find time for ourselves and focus on our needs because there is no way to stand up and walk through the complicated and, sometimes, very difficult path of life.

Devoting a few days to do the things we love and miss is necessary and we should never ignore our desire to get past for a few days whatever keeps our minds busy making us feel nervous and tired.

One of the best seasons to get far away from your daily routine and find yourself again is summer. Now it’s the time to let yourself free and have fun.

The sun and the sea can do miracles. Summertime can surely change your mood, your feelings and your body. It’s your best chance to reconsider everything and rebuild the world you always wanted.

Summer is perfect for almost everything. You can start walking and meet new people, keep your relationship/marriage alive by taking breaths of change and relief, come across new partners, and heal broken hearts while being optimistic, having faith and believing in yourself.

Now it’s time to trust yourself and keep having good spirit without losing your hope for running into a better future and life.

Living in harmony and having the chance to enjoy carefree days is a privilege and don’t forget this.

Live it, have fun and treat yourself kindly and with limitless love because you deserve it and you needed as much as everyone else.

Hope this summer is the best of your life, and remember that life is too short so live it to the fullest.

And don’t forget to read books, a lot of books!



Looking for ways to come across inspiration and do things that will make you feel better and running into your best self?

Sometimes I do feel we miss inspiration to become our best “version” and reveal to everyone our best image.

It’s the time where we have to be determined to change our thoughts and attitude otherwise we will remain in the same condition and will keep feeling tired, bored and drained.

Summer is here and after being trapped in a very complicated situation for almost two years I think it’s time to restart and move forward with the energy we thought we had lost.

Discover nature and start going for walks in the woods. The sounds of the environment will benefit your mind and your body.

Start going to the beach, it’s the best place to reconsider everything and it’s the best way to refill your optimism. There is something magic when you look at the sea during sunset. You feel you can share your love with the rest of the world and nothing can stop you.

Surround yourself with those that make you feel You, and help you become better and more helpful for our society. It’s so important to have friends that want to make us optimists and help us reach our goals.

Read as many books as you can and choose to read about people who were able to inspire people like you, and so many others among us.

Listen to your favorite music and dance.

Life is a dance and you have the right to enjoy it!



One of the most fascinating chapters in everyone’s life is meeting challenges. It’s wonderful when you look forward to getting to know as many as possible information about human nature and getting familiar with challenges in love.

Love is the most powerful energy in the world. When you come across true love you feel you cannot understand the real shape of it and you want more and more.

Sometimes I think we will never be ready to understand the meaning and the impact that it has in every human being’s existence.

When we talk about love, we often confuse its meaning with sympathy, but before seeing confusion coming up and make things more complicated let’s focus on love. Love as much as you can, and everyone around you without expecting anything.

It’s so good saying and using the word love when we really feel it because we are getting closer to the meaning of this power and we become better, we develop our personalities in a healthy and appropriate way.

When talking about challenges in love, we are usually referring to the various experiences that take place in a romantic relationship.

Don’t be afraid to meet the challenges, listen to your partner, respect different opinions and live it to the fullest.

Always remember that love is a great power and not a business.



There is nothing better than sharing your thoughts with your friends while drinking coffee or drinks.

Some people feel cursed because they have no friends and live their lives lonely. Some people are not able to realize how lucky and blessed they are since they have always people supporting them while, sadly, exploiting their kindness and pure feelings.

Friendship is precious. Friends are precious. If you are losing those who devote their time for you then I’m afraid you are a looser. If you keep having by your side those who like spending time with you congratulations, you are precious, too. Move forward and keep up the good work.

Nowadays I hear people talking about friendship and feel they are disappointed. Most of us have the illusion that everyone is able to love us and are trustworthy but, unfortunately, this is not always true.

Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, and if you believe you have good friends who deserve your time and devotion just do whatever it takes to keep them by your side.

I believe that the last decade various facts and situations changed all of us, and seems we are not interested in showing our feelings and support whenever is needed.

Somehow we decided to change our priorities. Each one of us decided to focus on himself/herself ignoring the rest, and not just the rest of our society. We started ignoring those who were part of our lives.

What can we do now? I think we can’t do many things. I believe we should just follow our hearts and let our instincts guide us toward the needs of our hearts.

I guess it’s very important to mention that we should never let anyone disrespect our personalities (just no one, never allow to any person hurt you and your feelings just because it’s the way they treat everyone around you. If you let this happen once, it will never stop happening).

Meet new people, start talking to everyone, but be careful.

And always love and respect your friends.


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“As long as we are strong, everything will get better. I am sure things will change. Have faith my love, try not to give up,” I could still remember her words and, for a moment, I felt my heart bleeding.




I walked down the street while I kept thinking of our future. As much as we had tried, we could do nothing to change things and retain our hopes. In a few months, we had managed to lose everything we had struggled to achieve.

I never liked being a loser but I also knew the sooner I would accept the freaking situation, the faster I would get out of this chaotic position.

I needed to get past the nasty facts and get everything out of my mind immediately, so I stopped near the huge rocks on the edge of the hill to catch my breath because I felt like drowning in the ocean of depression.

I stared toward the countless, beautiful lights as the puny air, along with the heat, made my spirit eager to fly above the city of angels, pushing me to dare making a new beginning. Although the dark had wrapped up my whole world, the shining stars looked incredible, spreading their glow to despaired souls like mine.

“I love this place,” I murmured. The view was really amazing.

I looked behind me and the presence of the large, coconut trees across my sight stole my attention and made me think of the past. I could still remember the first days at Green Hill in California. 

I had recovered from the heart attack and I was told by everyone to be careful. My beautiful wife had decided to abandon her dreams to take care of me and see me healthy and strong as usual.

My partner always dreamed of being a successful actress and I was sure she would achieve her goal, but she could never betray her heart since she loved me and, with no doubt, I was definitely the luckiest man on earth. I would never forget her sacrifices, her loyalty to me and her limitless love.

Samantha was talented and I knew that success, independency, and a great career meant everything to her, until the moment we met in New York.

People usually call it love at first sight; I would call it earthquake at first sight since her gaze had managed to shatter my world, my mind, and my soul as I was seeking, almost begging for her attention.

Before our first meeting, I thought I would never get married since I liked being single and having fun all the time, but she was special and I didn’t want to lose her. Samantha was exceptional, she was a real lady and I would do anything to see her happy. And I did it. I risked my career and we both lost our futures.

Now, we had no money and, moreover, we would have to sell our house and forget the luxurious way of life. But I never regretted getting married and sharing my life with Samantha. I would never lie to anyone about this and I could cross my heart to convince everyone who could say the opposite.

I was a professional producer and my effort to make a successful movie with my promising, aspiring actress, meaning my wife, came across failure after failure. I had denied working with a diva, a very famous actress and, out of the blue, the system kicked me out of almost all the big studios of Los Angeles. Soon, I found out that all the doors were closed. We had lost everything, but at least we had one another. 

I remained silent and kept wondering about our life in another state. I was living the worst period of my life. “How was I supposed to go back?” I questioned myself and, although I couldn’t find any answer, my mind persisted. “How was I supposed to go back?”

I stretched out my arms and, after a while, I felt her hands in the pockets of my bright, blue pants. She knew I loved strolling around the beautiful neighborhood and since I was late, she wanted to make sure that everything was okay.

“What did we do to deserve this?” I murmured.

“It’s called bad estimation, but we will make it,” I said. Every time I needed someone to support me, Samantha was there.

I turned back and I could see her standing in front of me, spreading her optimism, and showing me her pained smile.

My lovely partner hid in my hug and, then, she held my hands while trying to make me move my legs to dance with her under the moonlight, forgetting our worries.

“There is no music,” I whispered.

“I can hear your heartbeat, can’t you hear mine?” she said.

Whenever I felt ready to give up, Samantha was there for me. I had screwed up our life. I had destroyed her dreams. I had destroyed my career and my future, but she didn’t leave my side nor did she ever intend to dump me.

“I will never leave you, John, you are my man, and you are also my handsome husband,” my wife whispered.

“I am so lucky,” I murmured while caressing her back.

“As long as you love me…,” Samantha hugged me tight as I looked up at the sky.

My wife had managed to blanket my soul with her optimism and, that moment, I felt ready to leave all the nasty facts behind and move on.

Samantha was the best person I had ever met and I was lucky enough to earn her trust and love. We fought very hard against fate but we were both determined to protect our love by any means, keeping away anything that could threaten her survival.

“I will always love you,” I smelled her long, blonde hair, rolled my eyes and realized that I had come back to reality.




Ten years were enough to turn a beautiful house in the countryside into ruins. All this time, the wonderful Victorian house remained closed and that house was the only property we had. It was our precious shelter, our last place to accommodate our dreams.

“We will make it,” Samantha said, but I wasn’t sure about that since the house was empty, cold and, without doubt, we needed a lot of money to fix all the damages.

Samantha glanced at me and smiled. She was trying to be cool, but I was sure that she was looking for my support since nothing was going to be easy. We were not in college anymore and, moreover, Minnesota couldn’t be compared with New York. We had to change everything and, of course, our way of life.

For once more, my wife had decided to stand by my side, ignoring her needs, her dreams, and desires. Although she could leave me to move on with her life and chase her luck to the industry, Samantha chose to follow my plan and kept sharing her life with me, a husband who had gotten used to letting her down.

But I never gave up trying to make her feel proud of me and reassuring her instincts about her choice.

“In your late thirties it’s difficult to make a new beginning,” I thought, but I never confessed my opinion to my wife.

Instead, I got rid of the insecurities and became stubborn again. At the time, Samantha was the personification of motivation along with determination and counted on me, I regarded that I had no right to betray her trust. I ought to make it work and, since we had no other option, I had to strive to change everything.

“Of course we will make it,” I sounded confident and I could still see that she believed in me.




In less than three months, we had a new home. Our farm was the best achievement we had ever come across. There were no words to describe the moment I tasted the honey of our bees trough my wife’s lips. I could still remember the taste of perfection and the glow in Samantha’s eyes.

“Are you happy?” Samantha asked.

“What?” I was surprised.

“You were a successful producer and look at us now,” My wife said.

“I am very happy. Are you happy?” I asked and she nodded at me.

I smiled and then Samantha came closer.

My wife leaned on my chest, placed her fingers on my belly, and started making circles on my blue shirt, while I carried on thinking of her question. Yes, I was very happy since the fame, the money and the extremely, sexy nights I had experienced could offer you nothing other but vanity.

We were sitting on the grass, under the shadow of the large pine tree, while the intoxicating smells of the nature fought against the seductive thoughts of the past and were doing their best to make us feel lost in paradise.

When I looked around me, I ran into the zone of the truth and real happiness. I loved the color of serenity while I also adored her eyes, the leaves of the poplar trees and the surface of the lake in the middle of our farm. Everything was green and I could feel the blossom of nature affecting my whole existence.

Then again, the sound of the colorful birds was incredible. The entire scene was magic and, yes, I was really, really happy because I was located in paradise, holding my lovely wife.

I had the support of a woman who had dared to leave all the comforts she used to enjoy behind her and, now, she dealt with nature while helping me do all the hard work that our farm demanded. I was the luckiest man on earth.

“I am pregnant,” she said while I couldn’t swallow.

“Take it easy, that’s okay now, you can breathe,” Samantha laughed and put her fingers on my jaw.

I was living the best moments of my entire life.




As days passed by, I realized that, no matter how hard you work, you can’t fight destiny. Unfortunately, our achievement was gone, our small business was over and our bees along with our equipment were stolen. In a flash, our dreams vanished and the despair decided to settle in our life again. And, soon, we would run out of money.

I felt I was cursed, but my wife was pregnant and I had no right to let her down. I had to be strong for both of us and I needed to see her believing in me to overcome the obstacles which kept hiding us the road to success and harmony.

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked.

“I am fine, John,” Samantha held my hand and waited to see me smiling.

“I love you,” I said, and kissed her lips.

“I love you too.”

We laid in our bed and continued talking about our baby while teasing one another. In two months he would be with us, and we looked forward to staring and smiling at him.

“What is this smell?” Samantha asked.

“I have no idea,” I said vaguely.

“It smells like smoke,” My wife said.

The fire had already burned the mountain opposite our farm and, as it seemed, it would destroy everything. Unfortunately, our predictions were true since, in a few minutes, the flames wrapped the beautiful valley and burned everything. There was nothing we could do but abandon our house and our dreams.

Despite the destruction, and the loss of everything we had, I could still see her smile. Samantha was covered by the ash and kept offering her positive energy to me.

“You never gave up on me; you are still here while you could be a successful actress in Hollywood,” I said.

“I don’t care, I love you,” she said and that’s all I wanted to hear to make a new beginning again. I guessed I had to get used to flirting with failure after failure.




“It’s my party…”

When I heard Samantha singing, I laughed and went closer to her side. My wife was holding our son in her hands. Oh gosh, she was so beautiful.

Our baby looked like an angel. He had my hair, my eyes and his mother’s nose.

“Black hair, dark eyes and a beautiful nose, at least he took something from me,” his mother said with a little laugh.

Samantha stood in front of me and softly bit my lips.

“I love you so much, both of you,” Samantha intoned.

“Did you hear what mom said?” It was my turn to take our baby in my hands.

Samantha raised her eyebrows and placed her hands on her hips waiting to see me singing. When I opened my mouth, she laughed at me. She would never stop teasing me.

Fortunately, things had changed and the bad luck had stopped chasing us. We had managed to retain our faith, regardless of the dark paths fate had put us in, and we never stopped hoping for the best.

The birth of our son had made both of us experience the rebirth of our life.

“As long as you love me, baby,” Samantha was the personification of love, indeed.