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Focus on you, satisfy your needs and leave all the nasty thoughts out of your life.




Hi there! Hope you are all having fun and life is treating you well. I wanted to share some big news and then I'll let you enjoy your summer days. 

Tears of a Proud Magnolia is out and I think it's a story you will find interesting. You can read the first three episodes for free and if you want you can like it @amazon Kindle Vella.

Read a few paragraphs and let me know what you think! Have fun and stay safe!

Never be the same again…


 She thought she heard someone walking behind her and she moved faster. The dark had covered the noisy city while the fear of coming across the kiss of death again had made her chill. She wanted to scream, but decided to remain calm because she could make things worse.

 When she crossed the main road and headed toward the alley, she believed that the stranger had lost her traces. She took a deep breath and rolled her eyes. The moment she opened her bag and tried to find her phone, she saw the shadow of the man she was desperately struggling to escape. She started running, in a few meters she would be close to her home.

“I just want to talk to you,” she heard and froze to death.

 She stopped moving and looked behind her.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the stranger said.

 She pulled her hair away from her pale face and now she was trying to breathe. She recognized his deep voice.

“I just want to make sure that is you,” he said and came closer.

 She had already identified his tone, but couldn’t believe it. She was looking forward to seeing his eyes, she wanted to be certain that, this time, he was real and there was not a fucking game of her mind. She was impatient to see his face, watch his smile, touch his hand and smell his skin.

“I am not here to destroy your life,” he said again and came face-to-face with the woman that had marked his entire life and had lost his mind with her spirit and determination.

“I don’t believe it, it’s you,” she said, trying so hard to fight back tears.

“Yes, it’s me,” he said and she hugged him so tight that he felt suffocated. At least he was happy he had taken his last breath having her in his arms.

“Where have you been?” She looked him in the eyes and was not able to read his mind. The mirrors of his soul were blurred and she felt her heart tearing apart. She was sure that he knew.

“I am here now and I am so happy to see you.”

 She buried her head in his chest and his tears ran down his cheeks.  

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“Focus on you, satisfy your needs and leave all the nasty thoughts out of your life.”

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You know exactly what it means and there is no question about it.

When you feel nice among other people and they treat you like being a family member, you can be sure that you have managed to earn their respect. Stay there and enjoy their company.

Unfortunately, some other times, it happens exactly the opposite and that causes nothing bad disappointment, rejection, pain and, in general, you feel bad without being responsible, and there is no reason to wonder about your behavior of course, because I am sure you did nothing wrong.

The best you can do to avoid being treated like trash is to stand up and walk away. Ignore those who disrespected you and don’t even talk to them because wasting your energy in vain is insane and you need to be strong during these hard times we are all going through.

But, what happens if you are the one who doesn’t respect others?

Just stop doing it because you are not superior to anyone else in this world. We are all here to live a happy life.

Remember, kindness is the key to everything.

Pure intentions make you a better person.

Respect everyone and share your good feelings.




You might not believe this, but I think that the happiest people in the world are those who love being the guys that appear from nowhere and surprise others by giving them whatever they can.

On the other hand, there are takers who love getting things and whatever else, but never or very seldom have they done the same. These are people who are hesitant to expose their love and interest for others…

By giving with all your heart whatever is possible can only do good to your heart and soul. You feel relieved and peaceful and that is indescribable. You are a truly happy person and you should never question yourself about that.

If you have a pure heart and want to show your love and you really care about others, you will always find your way to do it.

When you have the time to think about which type of person you are (giver or taker) remember that you are not alone in this world. Your smile can be seen on other people’s faces. And we should all smile and be happy.




So simple.

In a world where we are all struggling to survive, there is something simple we can all do to make other people’s lives easier and more beautiful. We just have to care.

It’s not a rule, there is no law referring to the word #care, you don’t have to be rich, famous or anything else than being YOU and really mean what you say and do.

A smile, a hug, a small kind gesture can do miracles or even change someone’s whole day or life so don’t forget to show that you really care because that’s what makes us special.

Our society is changing very fast and I’m afraid things are going to get worse. What we can do to overcome all the madness that has taken over is being authentic and showing our interest.

And I will say it again; you don’t have to be rich or to give money to show that you care. A smile and a hug are more than enough to stand by someone who really needs support.

Smile, laugh and talk nice to people because this is what we miss. Our world needs desperately people who really care.

Give it a try, it’s not that difficult.




It will kill you in no time. And yes, you can do something about it.

Take it easy!

One of the worst things someone can do is overthinking his/her actions thus ruining his/her life.

If something is meant to come your way, sooner or later it will appear and you will be satisfied. If it won’t appear, just let it go and do not deal with it further. That’s life, move on and don’t let anything destroy your mood.

Living peacefully without stressing out is really simple as long as you are realist and don’t demand by life and anyone else to be treated like being the only one in this world.

Do your thing, find your balance, take your decisions, act and let it happen.

If something nice happens then congratulations. If whatever expected won’t come your way then no need to worry!

I do believe that all of us, me and everyone else in this world will finally get whatever we want want, just be patient and you will see it happening.

Life is beautiful and time is running out, are you sure you want to spend minutes over thinking than going out, having fun and living your life enjoying simplicity?

Start walking,

Start talking to your friends about your worries,

Start working out because it will make you feel great,

Start reading,

Share your smile and kindness,

Share the love with those who are in the same position with you.



Repeat after me and never forget this,

It’s never too late to restart your life.

No matter how old you are, as long as you are healthy you can and you have the right to live all those you always dreamed of since you were just a kid.

We all know that, sometimes, various reasons make us take decisions against our will and mood, but I do believe that when we really want to do something, and if it’s meant to be, we will come across a second chance so we should then just do it without thinking of the past or how many months or years we lost since the time we needed to do whatever we missed.

Age is just a number, what is hidden within you never changes; it’s just the cover that becomes more sensitive…

So, whether you are twenty or eighty years old, if you really want to restart your life in any level just do it.

Those who love you should support you and hold your hand because that’s the true meaning of love.

Shine bright and share your glow, become an inspiration because this is what we miss in our days.

Become a great example of kindness, love and limitless strength.

We will wait for you because it’s never too late.