Live Your Life To The Fullest

Focus on you, satisfy your needs and leave all the nasty thoughts out of your life.



Take a deep breath and try to be an optimist! It's the start of a new week, which means it's time to forget your amazing weekend.

Mondays are new beginnings. Stay calm and move on. Your next weekend is coming too fast and you could start making plans.

Discover the opportunities that are waiting for you!

Take care of yourself and have a great week ahead.

Meanwhile, next weekend you could go to the beach. 

There is something magical about the sea. In just a few minutes you could get past your problems and worries.



I’m sure it’s one of the words you can’t hear anymore. It’s definitely one of the words I don’t want to hear because I feel weird.

“Patience is a virtue”, okay, but sometimes I feel we get tired of doing nothing other than just waiting to see what will happen, to look forward to seeing things changing. And remain calm and happy all the time without having the least of intention of getting anxious, worried or nervous…

I believe it’s irritating and soul-destroying watching all these big changes taking place around us and to remain spectators to the theater of life, our lives.

Life is tough and unfair, but we have to live it to the fullest as well so the word “patience” makes me feel strange.

We all feel pressure and anxiety coming closer and closer in our lives and daily routine, but we shouldn’t lose our time waiting for better days forever as well.

I think we should be patient, but we should avoid exaggeration.

We shouldn’t hide our feelings. Anger is anger, happiness is happiness, don’t be afraid to expose your emotions.

You’re the only one who can tell who or whatever deserves your time and patience.

Love, respect and listen to your heart. Trust your instincts and move on with your life because time is running!


Discovering the wonderful world of nature

 We made it to the middle of the week!

Don't Forget to Take Time For Yourself.  We are so busy worrying about others that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Try taking a walk by yourself…

Start discovering the wonderful world of nature.