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Seven Questions to ask yourself while setting goals for the New Year

A new beginning, a new chapter and hundreds of new challenges. Now it’s the time to set your goals for your personal growth and prosperity. Before moving on taking chances, making decisions and risk taking just take your time and answer a few questions concerning none but yourself.

1)      Are you happy living the life you live right now?  

2)      Do you really enjoy spending your time with the people you have in your life?

3)      Do you like your daily routine?

4)      Have you managed to forget the mistakes of the past and let it go?

5)      Are you realistic?

6)      Are you pessimist?

7)      Do you like changes?


These are the questions that help me set my goals from the beginning of the new year, and I just wanted to share it with all of you.


I really hope we all come across a healthy, happy new year and much more love, kindness and respect.And financial stability. 

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